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Posted by Rocco Simonelli on July 6, 2011 at 7:13 PM

THE LAST LAUGH  (by Rocco Simonelli) - When a failed stand-up comedian finds himself approaching forty with no career, no money, no woman and gambling debts he can't begin to pay, he sets off from New York on a cross-country trek to end it all by leaping from the Golden Gate Bridge.  Along the way he encounters other lost souls who join him on his perverse quest.  THE WIZARD OF OZ reimagined as a journey across, and into, the broken heart of America.

BROKEN  (by Rocco Simonelli) - The story of a recluse whose life becomes dangerously entwined with the prostitute who lives in the apartment across the hall from his own. Both characters harbor guilty secrets that have left them emotionally (as well as physically) imprisoned, and it is only through their brief but intense relationship, and a selfless act of bravery by one of them, that each is able to win freedom from the past.

INDIE HIT  (by Rocco Simonelli) - An independent filmmaker is so desperate to secure the money to complete his debut film he agrees to perform a mob hit, thus the title. Struggling at the moment of truth with actually committing the act, he takes his would-be victim hostage, leading to a battle of wits and will that culminates explosively in a way neither could have imagined. SWIMMING WITH SHARKS meets THE SOPRANOS.

THE COMPOUND (by Roy Frumkes & Rocco Simonelli) - A contemporary action story with a sci-fi twist, as paralysis victims miraculously restored at a secret, highly illegal research facility learn they’re expected to earn their keep by robbing drug gangs and other criminal enterprises. When our hero (a SWAT helicopter pilot who suffered his paralyzing injury in the line of duty) tries to break the Faustian bargain he’s unwittingly made, a breathless, Fugitive-like pursuit ensues.

EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE (by Roy Frumkes & Rocco Simonelli) - A beautiful young woman beset by two dangerously obsessed stalkers contrives a desperate plot  to free herself by setting the predators against each other.

DUST (by Roy Frumkes & Rocco Simonelli) - Greed.  Paranoia.  Betrayal.  Murder.  Who says women can't have it all?  In a modern day take on TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, three women - a flaky twentysomething, a bitter forty-something, and a tough but regal sixty-something - join forces to hunt for drug smugglers booty in Colombia.

THE SHADOW FAMILY (by Roy Frumkes & Rocco Simonelli) - An affluent family loses everything overnight and then refuses to be driven from their home, even after another family moves in.  AMERICAN BEAUTY meets THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK.

THE MEDUSA SPAWN (by Roy Frumkes & Rocco Simonelli) - A disaster epic in which New York City is laid waste, though not by a giant lizard nor a rock hurtling down from above. When a massive swarm of carnivorous roaches erupts from under the streets of Manhattan, two mismatched investigators from the Bureau of Animal Affairs find themselves battling the world’s oldest and most indestructible creatures in a heroic struggle to save themselves and the city they love. DEEP IMPACT(and modern digital fx) meets every insect/horror movie of the fifties.

CASTLES OF ATLANTIS (by Roy Frumkes & Rocco Simonelli) - An epic tale of magic, romance and adventure set on the mythical lost continent. A misanthropic Wizard rues the day he accepted the King’s political publicity stunt to select-a-serf to serve as his apprentice. The mischievous lad’s curiosity wreaks every form of havoc imaginable short of sinking the continent before the story is through.

THE CARRIERS (by Roy Frumkes & Rocco Simonelli) - A space invasion unlike any ever depicted in movies, as the fetuses of every pregnant woman on earth are possessed by a malignant alien force, who thereby control the female hosts, creating a rampaging horde far outnumbering all the armies of the world combined. In the invasion’s apocalyptic aftermath, we follow the adventures of a new kind of bounty hunter as he leads us on a perverse picaresque through a brave new world. TWELVE MONKEYS meets NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD meets BABY BOOM.

HITCHCOCKED (by Hal Spear & Rocco Simonelli) - Comedy, romance and adventure collide when germ-phobic film professor B.B. Marlowe comes to the rescue of his brightest (and most beautiful) student, Denise Brigham, and finds himself caught up in a treacherous plot involving terrorists and the U.S. government. Racing across the country with police and deadly assassins on their tail, teacher and student use their vast knowledge of movies to remain a step ahead of their pursuers. The journey takes them from a deadly confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial to a breathless climax atop the faux Manhattan skyline of the New York, New York Hotel in Las Vegas, where love may help Marlowe conquer all – if it doesn’t get him killed first. NORTH BY NORTHWEST meets THE BOUNTY HUNTER.

KILL THE CLOWN (by Hal Spear & Rocco Simonelli) - Dan Gale (aka Dangles the Magical Clown) is hired to perform for a birthday celebration at the New Jersey governor’s mansion, but when the Governor’s son is abducted along with our hero’s beloved dog, Dan and the boy’s beautiful mother Vanessa are thrust into a life and death situation that leads to unexpected romance as they pursue the kidnappers to rescue their loved ones.

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