movie related images movie related images The Sweet Life An independent film I wrote and directed. We've held it back from release for a few years waiting for the public demand to build into a fever pitch. It might see the light of day some time after the next presidential election. 109166056 The Substitute (video poster) This was the poster that was used primarily for the video release. 109166057 The Substitute (theatrical poster) Don't know if you can read the tag line: THE MOST DANGEROUS THING ABOUT SCHOOL USED TO BE THE STUDENTS. 109166058 The Substitute 2: School's Out Never understood the subtitle they attached to this one. For the story to take place, wouldn't school have to be IN? In this image, Treat looks like the students have crazy glued his knuckles to the desk. Those rascals! 109166059 The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All This one deals with steroids in college sports. We were a little ahead of the curve regarding that issue. 109166060 The Substitute 4: Failure is Not an Option Sure it is. Roy and I didn't write this one, but we did get paid anyway, which is why it's my personal favorite. 109166061 The Johnsons (DVD cover) The goofier, more blatantly "horrorific" DVD cover, with the young girl Emalee looking as if she's being mounted by the demon Xangadix. The Anchor Bay DVD, if you can find it, has a terrific commentary track done by Roy, myself and director Van Den Berg. 109166062 De Johnsons (Dutch theatrical poster) Dark, lovely, spooky theatrical poster for The Johnsons. 109166063 Me and the Mob A cover from one of many DVD releases of Me and the Mob, this one featuring Sandra Bullock and Steve Buscemi, who each only have one scene in the film. Bullock's, however, is pretty memorable. 109166064 Me and the Mob (2) The Front Row Entertainment cover. 120136808 Me and The Mob (3) Kill or be killed. 120138271 Me and the Mob (4) The original poster and video box cover. 122582039 Me and the Mob (5) Foreign (I'm guessing German) DVD cover. 122810504 Sandra Bullock in Me and the Mob James Lorinz gets "blind sided" by Sandra Bullock. 122037467 Me and the Mob newspaper ad This ad ran in the NYC daily newspapers. 120136809 El Sustituto The Spanish poster. For some reason the Spaniards really liked the movie. 109328560 Le Substitute The French poster. 109328561 Heil Shale! The German poster. 109328562 Le Substitute Trois French DVD cover for The Substitute 3. 119843283 The Substitute Motion Picture Soundtrack CD cover for The Substitute soundtrack. 119843284 "drmuttonchops3" idea for a Swirlee poster I have no idea who "drmuttonchops3" is, but this is his idea of what a Swirlee poster might look like. 122813110