Various snapshots Various snapshots On the Sweet Life set Roy, Joan Jett, Barbara Sicuranza, and Rocco. 120138615 Rocco and Radley Director Radley Metzger and Rocco. 120138821 On the Sweet Life set (2) Axel Engmark, Joan Jett and Rocco. 120414784 On the Sweet Life set (3) Directing Joan Jett. 120415110 On the Sweet Life set (4) Rocco's expression appears to suggest he did not wait for someone to pull his finger. 120415111 Kenny Laguna Kenny Laguna working on the Sweet Life musical score. 120433583 Barbara Sicuranza Actress Barbara Sicuranza looping dialog for Sweet Life in a very big coat. 120433584 James Lorinz Actor James Lorinz looping dialog for Sweet Life. 120433585 Nicole Potter and James Lorinz Nicole and Jimmy both made their film acting debuts in Street Trash. We reunited them for a scene in Sweet Life. Here they are rehearsing. 122811614 White Anger Kenneth Anger in white, Rocco, Roy, and the late Ray Shnitzer. 120138613